SVU Casts Scandal Alum As New Love Curiosity


Blake Vigorous is best usually called Serena van der Woodsen on the hit sequence Gossip Woman, but she first gained notice as Bridget Vreeland within the movie The Sisterhood of the Touring Pants. Since then, she has appeared in several movies including award-successful roles in Elvis and Anabelle and The Metropolis in addition to the superhero flick Green Lantern opposite Ryan Reynolds. Blake is from a family with a brother, a half-brother and two half-sisters, all of whom are inside the entertainment business together with every her mother and father. Blake is certainly a star on the rise.

Being killed in a 1995 episode of Law & Order wasn’t precisely the breakthrough position Chris Messina—star of The Mindy Problem and The Newsroom—wanted. But it surely surely did not forestall him from showing on the present on two more occasions inside the next eight years (in different roles, clearly).

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The current, nonetheless, may also convey to some viewers that rape and different sexual assaults only happen in already unsafe situations. Horst, the survey respondent, stated she used to think that, based mostly on what she saw on SVU a decade prior to now.